Infographic Interrogation

BOPDs analyzed images from an infographic created by Ferdio and featured in The New York Times. Each group of four had an infographic, and they tried to figure out what it was trying to tell them about flags all over the world. Teams worked non-verbally, striving to scribe their thoughts on paper. To complete the task, Ms Montilla gave groups a secret message inside an envelope containing cut up words, that once arranged correctly, states the message relayed by the image. Teams worked collaboratively to figure out the sentence. Students used punctuation to guide them on sentence structure. Students also asked, "Does it make sense?", "Does it sound right?", and "Does it look right?" to guide them. Once they thought they had a good idea of the sentence, they verified that it matched the image they were analyzing. Tomorrow we will revisit these statements and create our own infographic on flags using the ones that represent each student.

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