Unpacking Statements

BOPDs unpacked the statement, "I can form and use adjectives and adverbs to compare two or more things." They encircled words they know and did not know,  and added notes to share their thinking. As a class, they looked at all the notes and what they noticed about it. Ms Montilla paired them and chose word by word to let pairs talk further about they mean. We looked at the word, "form" and explained what it meant. We highlighted the word, "two" and justified why this number or more is necessary to compare things. Finally someone gave an example of an adverb and this drove the class to compare two students and their running skills. Through this we noticed how words are formed when we compare.  Using a game that Ms Montilla designed, two teams were created and battled to compare two random photos, forcing them to form and use adjectives and adverbs. As an exit pass, pairs were given topic chips that they used to show a comparison using first a comparative statement, and then a superlative statement.

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