Expressing and Writing Opinions

BOPDs shared their opinions about the most interesting character in the story, "Wonder".  As a class we read one piece and in doing so, we pretended to be in a conversation with the author. We noticed that the conversation can sometimes lead to an argument when you express opinions. We noted that while it is important to state your opinion, one must always do so in a respectful manner.
After we had spoken about the purpose of sharing opinions, we delved into the qualities of writing an opinion. There were things that we noticed on the sample and we used those to analyze other opinion pieces. We used the aspects and lay them on a continuum to judge 
whether or not it is used in the opinion piece.
To end our learning experience, we wrote a reflection based on our understanding of writing opinions. As one student expressed, " I feel good when I state my opinion
 because I can express what's on my mind."

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