The Value of Process

Once upon a time there were three authors who chose to collaborate on a story 
about a sport they all loved - cricket. 

A group of students encountered an issue about their collaborative story. They were disagreeing on the setting of a main event. This necessitated the need to go back to their story plan to verify what had been agreed upon, with an eye for revision if necessary.

The conversation was thorough, and filled with rich discourse. There were further disagreements that urged clarifications from everyone involved. During this dialogue, all three were mindful of how they were communicating with each other.

A solution was reached and the story continues with the three authors reverting to the roles that they assigned to themselves. After the discourse and before they returned to writing, they reflected about the process and what helped them. They pointed out that they needed to stay calm, they focused on rethinking their ideas, and that hearing everyone's opinions was important.

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