Thinking about Fractions

Using magnetic fraction circles, we broke into groups and shared our thinking. We used a routine called 3-2-1-Bridge that asks us to write down 3 words, 2 questions, and 1 metaphor or simile about fractions. Teams talked and wrote their replies on the board. Afterwards, teams played with the fraction circles and focusing on three big ideas: fractions are parts of a whole, fractions can be shown on a number line, and fractions can be equivalent. Teams worked together to explain their thinking and in the end, even swapped fraction pieces with other teams when they were solving for equivalent fractions. At the end of that task, teams wrote a another set of 3-2-1 right beside their first thoughts. Today we went back to those two sets and performed the 'bridge' - we looked to see if our thinking had changed. Our bridge statements will guide our next step for our lesson on fractions.

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