Learning Together about the Shingaling

A student collaborated with Ms Montilla when it was her turn to read to the class. She acknowledged that the text was too hard but she wanted to stay involved lead the class to make meaning of the text. Ms Montilla read the chapter a paragraph at a time and she wrote down questions she had about what she heard. In the end, Ms Montilla could not help herself and also wrote down notes because of the way the student skillfully thought about questions while listening. When it was time to read to the class, the student explained and shared this new idea of reading with a friend and then they shared the chapter. It was about a dance called, "shingaling" that was popular in the 60's. Both she and Ms Montilla were intrigued to find out what the dance looked like so they searched for it on Youtube and later shared the video with the class too. The student shared that she had seen her grandparents dancing the same way but she never knew that it was the 'shingaling".

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