Becoming "Worsdworth"

Ms Montilla read a story entitled, "The Boy Who Loved Words". It revolved around Sigel, a boy who collected words  who sought his mission in life. He discovered that he was destined to help others by sharing his words. Soon poets, bakers and others were excited to find a word at the very moment they were struggling for one. He was later called, "Wordsworth". BOPDs also strive to help each other every day, through the words they utter and the way they communicate. After listening to the story, we broke into groups to analyze the functions of words so we could be better equipped to share them. Students made sense of a stack of words and worked together to determine their function and define what purpose they serve. In the end, we used the same words to compose sentences, finding out that it is a mixture of all words that creates a sentence that captures our ideas.

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